LCD Monitor Benefits
Images are crisper. Focus and convergence errors are almost eliminated
Emission is less as compared to CRT, hence makes for more restful viewing over long periods and causes less eyestrain. Also CRTs are unfit for various medical labs because of possible EMI and X-ray emissions
Gives more viewing area. The diagonal measurement of an LCD monitor is same as the actual viewing area unlike in a CRT where there is a loss of an inch or so behind the monitor’s faceplate
LCD monitors consume about 1/3rd of the power consumed by a CRT monitor. So for businesses they provide a considerable price advantage in the long run

15.6” LCD Monitors LG / Samsung
Screen size : 15.6 wide”
Resolution : 1024 X 768 pixels
Body colours : Black
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LCD screens use only a fraction of the space the conventional CRT monitors use
Power consumption in LCDs is much lower
Heat generated is less
Price  :  Rs. 5,200
18.5" wide LCD Samsung / LG
Screen size : 17”
Resolution : 1280 X 1024 pixels
Body colours: Black
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Bigger viewing area for a small price difference
Ideal for home and office
Price  :  Rs. 6,750
20/22" LCD Samsung / LG Wide Screen
Screen size : Wide screen viewable 48.2 cm
Resolution : 1440 X 900 pixels wide screen
Body colours : Black
DVI port available in some models
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Wide screen displays allow you to view wider worksheets
Great for playing games, watching movies and a lot more
Price  :  Rs. 8,000 onwards
ACER / BENQ Monitors
Model : 15" Wide Screen with built in speakers
Screeen size : 15.6" WIDE
Maximum resolution : 1024 x 768 @ 75 hz / 1280 X 1024 @ 75 hz
Body colours : Black
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Excellent quality at an economical price
Price  :  Rs.4,900
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